NCT USA Product Definitions


NCT has a very strong and diligent QA/ QC Department that aims at providing 100% OEM/ Original stock that is appropriately categorized under the guidelines below:

00 – NEW

Merchandise is new and unused and will often arrive in the original manufacturer packaging; this can be a retail box or OEM Plastic Bag or OEM Plastic Wrapper. Merchandise has no signs of wear or use.

02 – A-STOCK

A-Stock merchandise is defined as a used item that is cosmetically close to new. Any A-Stock or A-Grade item may have minor or insignificant signs of use or wear. [As an idea: An acceptable scratch may approximately measure the width of standard pen mark, and be no more than 1 inch in length] An item that seems new but is not in the original packaging may be categorized as A-Stock. A-Stock merchandise will arrive in bulk packaging, all individually bagged in clear 2 mil poly bags. Batteries are rubber-banded in stacks of 10 as well as Battery Covers. Other accessories come packaged in Counted Bags of 25-100.

04 – B-STOCK

B-stock merchandise is defined as a cosmetically used item that will have signs of wear and tear, which vary in their severity. Some items might have one scratch in one place and no longer be deemed A-stock, while other items maybe be scratched all over cosmetically and still be deemed B-stock all the same. The item will not be broken or used beyond repair (BER). In the case of a battery, B-Stock is defined as not bloated, not broken, not activated LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator). In the case of a battery door or charger or data cable, no broken, or BER.


Scrap is defined as any item that is not resalable or BER, and is to be recycled with NCT preferred recycling partners. A battery that is bloated, cracked, broken or water damaged is deemed Scrap. Any plastic item that is broken beyond serving its purpose is deemed Scrap. Scrap items are not sold back to the market.

NCT Packaging Definitions


Bulk Packaging

An item is considered to be in “Bulk Packaging” when it is in a small plastic bag or of some sort. Usually a 2 Mil bag that is sealed with a re-closable seal or with a small unit of tape. Item is NOT in “Retail Ready” packaging.

Retail Packaging

An item is considered to be in “Retail Packaging” when it is in a retail box or blister. Item is “Retail Ready” and no more packaging is necessary in order to hang it in a store display case.